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What is the difference between a WWC Check and a National Police Certificate?

The Netherlands took part in the Network of Judicial Registers pilot project, with 10 other countries, exchanging information on criminal records electronically. These records can be accessed through application to the Central Office of Criminal Records. A WWC Check accesses more criminal record information than a National Police Certificate, including juvenile records, spent convictions and charges that did not result in conviction. If you require consumer protection licences and registrations in Western Australia in the following industries: Property industries Motor vehicle industries Employment agents Debt collectors Mutual recognition Licence applications must generally be accompanied by an Australian police clearance for all individuals associated with the application. Data can only be transferred to other entities, such as other law enforcement agencies, if their data protection meets the same standards, and if it is necessary for the public interest, or for the establishment of a legal claim Article 47 4. Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check - online application. Though frequently effective at identifying applicants with criminal backgrounds, the mined data does not usually reflect subsequent results of any criminal prosecution, acquittal, or dismissal of charges, [] and the highly prejudicial nature of such records can damage applicant chances for jobs and other benefits when such records are not in proper context of subsequent prosecutorial result for a hiring manager or recruiter to evaluate.

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Veterans Service Offices. Veterans Crisis Line. There is nothing that we or you can do to speed things up. We are accredited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission ACIC to process police checks and the matching algorithm runs exactly the same no matter where your check was ordered. We understand that there are lots of reasons you might need your result urgently.

We wish there was more that we could do. There are thousands of police checks done every day and the police will not consider escalating your check until it has been in progress at least 15 business days. The delay is wholly within the police system and not in our control. The most common reasons an Australian National Police Check gets referred depend on whether you have a criminal history or not.

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A combination of your personal details name, gender, date of birth or address are the same or similar to someone who does have a criminal record. Depending on what that record is, there are a number of factors that will affect how long it takes to eliminate any potential matches:. If you know you have a criminal record that may appear on your National Police Check, your Police Check will be referred for manual verification. Depending on the year and state that the conviction occurred in, certain records may need to be retrieved from storage before they can be properly checked.

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The police then decide whether each record is disclosable, and the type and amount of information that is to be released. Once this processing has been completed, your Police Check moves into the Final Vetting stage for review and is then returned to us so we can provide it to you.

Every police check in Australia is processed in the same fashion through this automatic matching process. This means that the outcome of this automatic search is the same regardless of where you order your National Police Check. If a potential match is identified, your National Police Check will then be referred for manual vetting and processing by the police to ensure the result you receive is accurate.

National Police History Checks (Police Clearances) in Western Australia:

How long will it take to get my police check? Can someone speed up my check? We understand that this is frustrating — especially if you need your check urgently.