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San Francisco Paratransit staff can help you determine which trips you are eligible to take on paratransit and which trips you must take on Muni. In some cases, eligibility may be based on a temporary condition, such as a broken hip, and therefore limited to a temporary period. After your eligibility expires, you will need to reapply if you feel you are still eligible.

It is your responsibility to notify us if your disability or health-related condition changes. If your condition improves so that it affects your eligibility status, and you do not notify us, we could suspend or revoke your eligibility until you reapply or come in to our offices for re-evaluation. If this occurs, you would be entitled to the appeals process see below.

If you are denied eligibility, we will automatically provide you with an appeals request form. You will need to complete this form within 60 days of the denial, and describe why you believe you are eligible. After we receive your appeal request, we will notify you about the time and location of your hearing. You are strongly encouraged to attend the appeals hearing, but you are not required to participate.

If you attend, you may bring a representative with you to assist in presenting your appeal.

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The appeals hearing is informal and not a legal proceeding. An independent panel that has not been involved in your eligibility decision — including a medical professional, a disabled community member and a transit professional —will hear your appeal. The panel is trained in the appeals hearing process. San Francisco Paratransit staff will attend the hearing to explain how they reached the conclusion to deny eligibility, and you will be given time to explain why you believe you are eligible.

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All information is kept confidential. Submit the Application: submit your application via the mail or if you used the online form, submit it online. Paratransit About our Paratransit Services Connexion. He enjoys writing technical articles in the areas of government, law, public policy, computers and the impact of the Internet on society. Service is provided with special lift-equipped buses on a curb-to-curb, shared ride basis.

If necessary, foreign language or American Sign Language interpreters will be provided for you with advance notice. You will not be charged for this service. You may also request transportation to and from the hearing at no cost to you. Everyone determined paratransit eligible will be given a certification letter. You may also need to show your ID card or eligibility letter when you travel to other parts of the country to verify you are ADA paratransit eligible.


All personal information is kept confidential and only information necessary to provide adequate transportation service is shared with transportation providers. The SF Paratransit office keeps only the information you provided on your application, in interviews, or through the medical verification. If you appeal, this information is shared with the appeals panel so that you may be given a complete and fair hearing. The appeals panel must also observe your right to confidentiality. Some content on this page is saved in an alternative format, Adobe Acrobat.

go site Search this site:. Some of the more visible results are the requirement for all forms of public transit to provide access for wheelchair passengers, and for special accommodations for passengers with visual and hearing impairments. In addition, ADA requires that public transit systems provide the same level of service to individuals with disabilities as is provided to passengers who are not disabled.

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In response to ADA, transit providers across Ventura County have added mobility devices to all public transit buses, including such features as wheelchair lifts and tie downs, low-floor buses, stop announcement systems, and numerous other devices and technologies designed to insure that all riders have equal access to service. Individuals who qualify for this complementary service must be assessed and certified as eligible for ADA service by the transit provider. In order to qualify, individuals must meet one or more of the following criteria:.

Application Process

Once an individual is qualified, he is issued an identification card or Obtain the eligibility application for each transportation authority that. Download a Form-Fillable ADA application form here. . You will need the SF Paratransit ID card to use paratransit taxi services (Please refer to Riders Guide.

Once a certification determination has been made, qualified individuals are then provided with a picture I. The certification is valid for up to three years, at which time the individual must reapply and be recertified.

To begin the certification process, simply fill out an application and return it to VCTC. You can obtain an application by downloading it from the link below, by calling 1 , or by e-mailing our ADA coordinator. Download Application.