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If the caller tries to change anything about the meeting at the last minute, reschedule for another day or consider backing out. Let the seller know you will not be bringing cash , but will pay by cashier's check or money order if you decide to purchase the vehicle. Question cash only purchases, as they leave no paper trail. Also advise them that payment will not be exchanged until you have looked over the vehicle and documents.

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Ask for the seller's ID and verify the the information on the title matched the person selling you the car. If the lien is not paid off, a new owner will unable to register the vehicle.

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But in most states, after a vehicle is reported stolen, the vehicle description, license plate number, VIN and registered owner information will be entered into the Statewide Stolen Vehicle System and the National Crime Information Center. Find the vehicle identification number VIN. NSW Police event number: Like Us On Facebook. If you intend buying a vehicle from a private seller, you should visit the Personal Property Securities Register website to find out if there is any finance owing. Buying a junk car or the one with a tampered odometer reading is overpaying, buying a stolen vehicle means getting into trouble with the police and having the vehicle seized when the truth is discovered.

Be sure all numbers match. Titles can duplicated and or forged, and while it is an important document to have in vehicle ownership, it is not the only indicator of vehicle ownership, which is why we recommend registering the vehicle with the Arizona Department of Transportation.


If the car is stolen or destroyed, we will give you the relevant force and contact details for you to make enquries with the police. You can also report untaxed vehicles directly to the DVLA via our site.

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NICB's VINCheck is a free service provided to the public to assist in determining if a vehicle has been reported as stolen, but not recovered, or has been reported. Is It Nicked? Free, UK Stolen Car / vehicle checks. Police National Computer ( PNC), DVSA MOT and DVLA tax status check.

Is it CarJam Checked? Repossession Madness How not to lose your newly bought vehicle to a Repo-Man!

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Dodgy Deals and The Backyard Mechanic Learn how to avoid basic mistakes when buying or selling a vehicle. Delivered over ,, free basic reports and , full reports. Car Finance Starting at only Easy application. Best Lenders.

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No obligations. Driver Licence Verification This service allows account holders to confirm a current driver's licence record details. Ownership Check Verify the Seller before you buy. Confirm who you are buying a vehicle from.