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Smart phones not being very smart, right? Chances are you're not using the best possible cellular signal quality. You're smarter , though - Press the "power" or "end" button on the cell phone. Hold the button down for a few seconds and allow the screen to turn dark. After about 10 seconds, power the mobile phone. At the powering stage, the phone's memory will be reset with new and closest towers queried again. What about finding areas where cell towers are either absent or nonexistent? With a website such as Signalmap.

The website is community driven and displays dead spots across United States according to user-generated information. You can categorize the submissions by a specific carrier or all carriers. Site also offers more information on signal strength in these areas in the form of bars.

Cell tower capacity

At times, finding the closest tower to your home or car is as easy as using your Smartphone. OpenSignal features include directing you to cell towers by following their signal compass in the process finding stronger reception. OpenSignal iOS app directs you to the direction where the reception is emanating from.

You can request phone booster installers to help map out the signal strength in your home or business area using their tools and experience, which include signal meters. Installers or professionals who care about accuracy of signal strength and ascertaining the nearest cell tower will find signal meters the best tool for the job. Signal meter directs to the closest cell phone tower within a range of degrees.

With an accuracy of percent, finding the nearest cell tower will be a no brainer with a signal meter. It is not limited to single carrier's signals - It can show signal strength of all carriers at any spot instantly! To use your Smartphone, you need a working cell signal. You can use this fact to find the nearest cell phone tower.

Radio waves cellular signals are measured in decibels dB. If your cell signal is very strong with full bars on your phone, the signal strength is within the range of dB to dB. Weak cell signals are far from dB and close to dB to dB. Full bars are subjective and can differ from one carrier to the other.

How to Get Your Own Cell Tower

For instance, Verizon's 2 bars could be three bars on Sprint even with a similar signal. For iOS users, those who are not using iOS 11 operating system or Qualcomm models usually found in iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 can use an easier method to find closest cell tower. Android users can also see their signal strength. Go to "Settings", select "General", choose, "About Phone" or its equivalent, then select "Status" or "Network" and read the dB reading such as , etc. After the dB reading is evident in your home or office, walk around watching the phone keenly, slowly enough to allow the phone to catch the signal strength.

As you walk around note the dB value nearest to dB. Once you have walked throughout the space it should be evident where in the building the best cell signal is found. Please stop for up to a minute in all corners because it may take that long for cellphone to ping and attempt to update signal strength reading. Strongest signal area will give you general idea of the cell phone tower direction.

This method is also a perfect way to learn about the signal strength in your home, office or car if you don't want to purchase a signal meter.

Towers by Major U.S. Cities

Low power on your phone lowers signal strength. Carry out this dB signal survey with your phone battery fully charged. Calling cell phone signal booster installer to come and survey your site to understand why your emails remain unsent, calls are dropped, internet loads slowly and cellular signal is poor across the board has its perks.

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Installers arrive armed with lots of gadgets including a signal meter. The individual will try to find the signal strength inside the building as well as outside.

They will find the closest cell phone tower s and even suggest the best service provider for your home or office building. Even with a car or truck cell phone signal booster, you don't need to worry about finding the nearest cellular tower. Cell phone boosters are engineered to automatically reach even the farthest cell tower, to boost existing signal, amplify it, and rebroadcast it inside your office, home or vehicle.

Does anyone get that 4G and especially 5G speed will cause cancer, Alzheimers, and other neurological disorders.

Developing Single Towers to Networks of Towers

They have incorporated some carrier databases in addition to FCC registered tower information. Please call us at or email us to discuss your options. There are an estimated , cell towers across the US. Loading Maps. Find dead spots. Call a cell phone signal booster installer. Select an address and click "Process.

Health is more important than speed. Please learn more at the 5G Crisis Summit. Of course, this only holds true in rural areas because many cell antennas today are hidden inside other vertical structures in more populated areas.

How Cell Towers Work: Hands-On!

The final step is to drive around with one of the apps that shows cell ID numbers and make a note of the ID number when you see a very strong signal from the tower you are nearby. Often there will be more than one. Finding the towers themselves with an online database can make the difference in your provider selection. Turn on your computer and log in.

Some Background About Cell Tower Locations

Start your Internet browser and navigate to the Cell Reception website. See Resources. Enter your city and state in the "Find Cell Tower Locations" section and click "Go," or select your city from the list below it. Use your mouse and the map controls to center the map on your location. The markers on the map indicate the location of cell towers; you can see details of each tower like provider or owner by clicking on them.

Click on the provider filters to isolate towers from one or more providers at a time. Typically, the closer and more numerous a single provider's towers are to your location, the better your cell phone reception will be. Start your internet browser and navigate to the Antenna Search website.

Cell Phone Tower Property Needed, List Your Land | CellSites

Enter your street address into the field for address, city, state and ZIP. You can generalize if you're concerned about divulging your exact address.

Select an address and click "Process.