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Mourning the Death of AIM With Memories of Our Most Embarrassing Screen Names
Nice to meet you, what’s your screen name?

Point taken. His theory? That America Online made the screen name personal , which in turn made it particularly difficult to shed.

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According to Schober, this personalization process began way back in with the terminology itself. And it entered the lexicon from there.

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As AOL evolved, this ethos of personalization began to permeate the entire user experience. Consider the chat room, or the Instant Messenger buddy list. But on AOL, it was like you were in a place, moving from room to room and running into friends. The technology was not all that different.

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But the perception changed. As a result, the AOL users of the s—many of whom were impressionable adolescents exploring the Internet for the first time—began to identify more deeply with their online sobriquets than the techies and academics of the previous generation. This is who I am in a very real universe. Ditching a user ID is easy, in other words.

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For instance, the website has the ability to access your AOL Instant Messenger buddy list and display results for each buddy who has his AOL account linked with Facebook. Use Facebook's automated friend finder feature to find and send friend requests to the people on your AOL. This screen name will be permanently linked to your AOL account, and when chatting with friends and family, it will be used to identify all of your messages.

Are Schober and I overthinking this? But laziness doesn't really describe what I feel when I log into my accounts.

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That's right: I still access a few sites by typing the misspelled name of a song by the arrogant Britpop band I was obsessed with back in , because of course someone else snagged the properly spelled version before I could get to it. During the intervening years, through my teens, twenties, and now into my thirties, I could have very easily abandoned my old AOL alias and selected a new default username from the many online IDs I began to accumulate as I grew up—my university login, my work email.

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But the bigger part of it is nostalgia. Nostalgia for a time when your real life and your Internet life weren't quite the same thing yet. When you didn't have to secure firstnamelastname.

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When you weren't expected to establish your own "personal brand. Though Leslie Jones definitely wins when it comes to charming apathy, with the Twitter handle lesdoggg and bio "Im am a stand up comedian.

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Those who grew up just after AIM's heyday, then, haven't completely missed out on the screen name's glory days; indeed, they've simply moved them over to Snapchat, where Kylie Jenner goes as kylizzlemynizzl, Justin Bieber as rickthesizzler, and Ariana Grande as moonlightbae. As Snapchat increasingly fades from use, too, though, only those like Natalia Dyer, the Stranger Things star, remain as our beacon of hope for the next generation of sn's: Even though she's as old as AIM herself—and therefore not yet of legal drinking age—the actress's Instagram handle is nattyiceofficial , an homage to another bygone relic of our youth, Natural Light.

Away Message. October 6, pm. Rihanna, aka badgalriri.

Our First AOL Screen Names Were Ridiculous

Courtesy of badgalriri. Slide 1 of Read on to step 1 to learn how to add a screen name to your AOL account.

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