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At least 9 Alabama counties not issuing marriage licenses after gay marriage ruling

Deeds to the present.

Henry Co. Probate Court

Mortgages to present. Probate Court to the present. Newspapers to the present. Instruments to be recorded Probate Judges must keep large and well-bound books for recording, word for word, deeds and mortgages and all other instruments authorized to be recorded. Most probate records were created on a county level, though many were later sent to the Archives.

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The contents of probate records vary greatly depending on the prevailing law and the personality of the record keeper. The death date, residence, and other facts that were current at the time of the probate proceeding are quite reliable, though there is still a chance of misinformation.

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Add to Print List Remove from Print List. Notes. Alabama, County Marriages are available online, click here. Microfilm of original records at the Henry County. Probate records are held by the Henry County, Alabama Genealogy Probate Court. Most records are housed at the Henry.

The records may omit the names of deceased family members and those who have previously received an inheritance, or the spouse mentioned may not be the parent of the children mentioned. The county courthouse can be a treasure trove of information. You can find almost any legal document on your ancestor registered there. Genealogical resources for descendants of black ancestors who resided in Autauga County Alabama. These records are specific to black research, and lean heavily to pre research. Registration book of voters, Microreproduction of originals housed in the Autauga County Courthouse in Prattville, Alabama.

Some pages wanting, some years missing.

Land and property records can place an ancestor in a particular location, provide economic information, and reveal family relationships. Land records include: deeds, abstracts and indexes, mortgages, leases, grants and land patents. The act and procedure of becoming a citizen of a country is called naturalization. In the U. However, from the time the first naturalization act was passed in until , there were no uniform standards.

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As a consequence, before September , various federal, state, county, and local courts generated a wide variety of citizenship records that are stored in sundry courts, archives, warehouses, libraries, and private collections. After the vast majority of naturalizations took place in federal courts. Newspapers provide a gold mine of information of people, movements, and lives of people who live in the area at the given time of these papers. Vital records, as their name suggests, are connected with central life events: birth, marriage, and death.

Henry County, Alabama Marriages

Maintained by civil authorities, they are prime sources of genealogical information; but, unfortunately, official vital records are available only for relatively recent periods. These records, despite their recent creation in the United States, are critically important in genealogical research, often supplying details on family members well back into the nineteenth century. As with birth certificates, divorce and death certificates can be gotten from your local vital records office where the divorce or death was recorded.

If it occurred in Henry County, get it from there. Otherwise, get it from the proper location in whichever state it took place in. When you get married, you'll be provided a marriage certificate filed in Henry County which provides proof of marriage and is the primary document used to facilitate the name change process.

You'll use it to complete your name change across various government and non-government institutions. You can make use of an online marriage name change service to get the process started, before or after you get married in Henry County or elsewhere in Alabama. Getting married by proxy means you'll have someone stand-in for you at the marriage ceremony.

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If one or both partners to the marriage aren't able to attend the ceremony, another person known as the proxy can take your place. No, unfortunately you can't get married by proxy in Henry County or anywhere else in Alabama. A common law marriage is an informal marriage that doesn't hold the same legal authenticity of a standard marriage.

kinun-mobile.com/wp-content/2020-09-27/wyduf-top-cell.php It's based on an accepted understanding between the partners that you're basically cohabitating. Yes, common law marriage are still considered a valid and recognized option in Henry County and throughout Alabama. Yes, in Alabama, cousin marriage are permissible.

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