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I was lucky enough to go and see Jaqueline Wilson at the English literature festival in bath and it was just magical! This website uses cookies. By continuing to use our website you agree to our use of cookies. Read our Privacy Policy to find out more. Accept Cookies. Tracy Beaker by Jacqueline Wilson 23 reviews. Main Series Other Titles. Book 1. The Story of Tracy Beaker. Book 2. Book 3. Starring Tracy Beaker. In whatever capacity she is working, Sabrina is dedicated to the success of Clayton and its residents. She and her hard-working team are always looking for volunteers, eager to lend a helping hand.

With more than 55 vendors at every market, there is always something to do — whether it is produce to be sold, neighbours to be met or communities to be built. Want to help out Sabrina and her team? Connect with her here.

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In the community? Looking for additional fun ways to get involved in your community this summer? Libraries are amazing. Beyond a place to check out new and favourite books, they are important focal points in our communities. Local libraries are places to take part in activities, access services, and use facilities, at zero or nominal cost. Libraries are multi-purpose hubs whose offerings reflect local needs: meeting spaces, early childhood education programs, book clubs and more.

Any way the bookmark falls, libraries service an integral social function: they bring people together from a cross section of the community, welcome individual of all ages, address isolation and vulnerability, and provide a safe and supportive space where anyone is welcome.

There are so many fun and thought-provoking programs to check out and new friends to meet in the process. With free programming taking place all throughout July and August, children and their parents will enjoy activities that incorporate stories, imagination and adventure.

go here Interested in puzzles? Amazing Mazes will see you use your building skills to engineer your own maze. Do you dream of outer space? Reach new heights as you build and launch your own rocket in Blast Off.

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Just want to relax with a good book? There are prizes to be won for kids, teens and parents whose inner bookworms know no bounds. The more you read, the more chances there are to win! Pick the location that works best for you, bring a picnic and enjoy the day! Participants are invited to take part in book-talks, games, crafts, and other fun summer activities around the theme of Build It!

Are you a Monopoly expert? Does Chess mastery run in your family?

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Check out the different board game nights taking place at a library near you. The North Vancouver Public Library welcomes kids of all ages to their Lego club children under five years of age are welcome as long as there is an accompanying parent or guardian. Come out on a Wednesday or a Saturday and use your imagination and creativity to construct a colourful castle, condominium or coliseum.

What is the best thing about your local library? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter! Craving more art in your lives? Check out these local art galleries in your community. Our communities are in for a hot and dry July and August , with very similar temperatures and weather to what we experienced last year. As we head into a prolonged hot spell, it is important to take extra care while working and playing outside.

Heading for a hike? Spending the day at the beach? Planting a new row of veggies in your garden? Make sure to spend some time mapping out what your day will look like. Ask yourself: how long will I be under direct sun? Do I have access to water and snacks? What will make me comfortable throughout the day?

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From there, build out your supplies. The best way to stay hydrated is to get a jump on your liquids. Start drinking and keep drinking! They will speed up dehydration and increase water loss, something you want to avoid while spending time outside. You can also eat your water throughout the day. Cut up cucumbers, celery or watermelon for a tasty, healthy snack with very high water content.

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Spend time in the shade, enjoy a cool breeze, and take breaks when your body feels fatigued. Watch out for signs of heat exhaustion: dizziness, light-headedness, headaches, aches and chills and upset stomachs are all early signs of temperature-related distress. Young children and older adults can be especially vulnerable to heat-related illnesses.

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While you monitor your own heat, check in with isolated seniors in your life. Could they use help creating their own wind tunnel see below! Are the children at your gathering drinking water, and lots of it?

As the temperature rises, consider how the right connection could make a big difference for others in your community. Do you have a favourite sundress? Avoid tight fitting apparel and opt for loose fitting pieces that will allow your skin to breathe and support, not restrict movement. Light-coloured clothing also reflects the light away from your body, so ditch the darks and embrace your lighter side. Place a box fan in an open window at night to pull in the cooler air.

Make your own wind tunnel by using multiple fans at once and see how much of a cool breeze you can generate throughout your house.

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Simply place one fan on the side of the house that receives a breeze and the other at the opposite end of the house, facing out. While it may seem counter intuitive, closing your windows and keeping the blinds closed will actually keep your home cooler throughout the day. As things begin to cool off hopefully at night, open windows to let the cooler air in to circulate through the house. What are your favourite ways to stay cool?

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Looking for fun ways to get involved in your community this summer? You may even recognize a few: maybe the passenger who has a similar work commute or someone who shares your stop. This means they are not able to get to school or job interviews, or access food banks and other community resources.

It has a tremendously negative impact on their lives. We are asking for free transit for all youth ages 0 — 18 and a sliding-scale, income-based pass system for all other riders. Similar programs are already in place across Canada and the United States, including in Calgary and Toronto. For the past three years, she and her colleagues from the SMA have travelled the province and conducted interviews with women and children who lives are impacted by poverty.

What changes would make the biggest difference in your life? How would you like to be involved with bringing those changes about? Viveca speaking at the First Call gala dinner.